Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ghost Villain

Wonder Woman arrives to the scene of a distress call to find nothing more than a vacant room. She feels a few hard punches to her stomach, but sees no one. As she investigates further, she feels a pinch in her arm. From there its lights out!

Minutes later, Black Canary shows up and sees her friend lying on the ground. Before she has a chance to figure out what is going on, she feel a sharp prick in her butt cheek, then rolls her eyes and falls down next to Wonder Woman.

The girls wake up and try to solve this mystery. They are met with more challenges from their invisible opponent and each time they wake up they are missing more pieces of their uniforms. Finally ending up stripped down to pantyhose, underwear and nice tight hogtie!

The valiant superheroines are not about to give up though. They manage to escape their binds...just in time for the room to fill with a funny smelling gas. The girls try to stagger out of the room before it takes effect, but they are weak and find themselves once again sprawled out on the floor at the mercy of the ghost villain.

This 15 minute clip includes limp play, eye rolling, crossed eyes, cosplay, rope bondage, struggling, damsel in distress, superheroine peril. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril c4s store.

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