Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Erotic Cat Fight featuring Lea Hart

Lea Hart challenges her rival to an erotic cat fight. The girl to make her opponent cum first will be declared the winner and awarded a lap dance.

The fight is pretty even at first, with each girl gaining dominance over her opponent and rubbing her crotch close to orgasm while in a hold. They toss each other around and pull hair to obtain a favorable position for pussy rubbing.

Finally, Lea gets on top works her magic, rubbing until the girl beneath her can take no more and lets out a sigh of relief as she cums hard.

The rules are the rules, Lea does her victory pose and sits down to enjoy her strip tease and lap dance. While she watches the loser sensually writhe around her, she rubs herself to climax as well. This turns both girls on and they decide to leave the skirts and head off to the bedroom.

This 15 minute clip includes erotic wrestling, forced orgasm, female fighting, sensual wrestling, scissor holds. The 720HD format can be found in my Fight Club Store under the "CAT FIGHTING' category.

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1 comment:

  1. IReallyLovePureSilkFebruary 26, 2016 at 6:29 AM

    I'm surprised that you don't get comments on this website often for your shoots! Well, let me go ahead and comment here for you as I was just notified about last night! :)

    I have just bought and downloaded this recently and I must say that I very much enjoyed this video! Reason being is that the skirts you girls are wearing are real silk satin skirts and I loved how you both were rubbing each other's pussy with the soft silk while fighting each other off trying not to cum from that...and I love me some silk! ;)

    I really hope there will be more shoots with those skirts in the near future as I would love to see more silk goodness coming from you! Hopefully not WAM type though...ruins silk.

    It's nice to see some support for us in the satin fetish community! I'd recommend those who are into any satin to see this video! Silky fighting fun in the beginning...silky sensuality towards the end!

    Got me intrigued to possibly send some silk that I may contribute to you to see in action! Thank you both for this wonderful video!