Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Evil Twin

Lovers Shauna Ryanne and Cali Logan are sick and tired of Cali's evil twin sister Keri trying to get in the way of their relationship. Cali convinces Shauna that she should get rid of her pesky sibling by swallowing her whole!

Shauna doesnt even think this would be possible, so Cali demonstrates by swallowing her first. She leaves her in her belly for a while before coughing her back up. The two talk about the experience for a few minutes before Shauna feels confident to do the same to Keri. Shauna then calls Keri telling her she wants to hang opportunity she jumps to!

When Keri arrives to the house, she is annoyed to see her twin sister Cali there. The two have a brief conversation before Shauna pops out from behind a chair and declares that it was all a set up. Then she opens wide and swallows Keri whole. With a few big gulps she is down, squished inside of Shauna's stomach.

With her sister tucked away, Cali has a confession to make....she, in fact is KERI! She tricked Shauna in to believing that she was her sister in order to get rid of her. Shauna is furious and frantically tries to cough her girlfriend up, but she doesnt know how!

Keri tries to win Shauna over, but she just wants Cali back. With this Keri knows that she is in trouble and needs to dispose of the evidence. She opens up and swallows Shauna with Cali still in her stomach. It wasnt easy, but she got the duo down. They can have each other...for the time they have left gurgling around in her stomach at least.

This 18 minute VORE clip can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies store.

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