Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Build-a-Bot with Cali Logan

You arrive home from work to find that your Build-A-Bot Cali has finally arrived! You eagerly tear off her packaging and grab for the remote to boot her up!

She scans the room and identifies you as her owner. You love the idea of her, but she looks so drab with her frumpy clothes and short, messy hair. No problem! She explains that you are eligible for one free upgrade. You go for it and she looks so much better! Her breasts are larger, hair is longer, she is even wearing makeup. Now were getting somewhere.

The bot recommends more upgrades, and of course, you want to see what else she can do. Even though only the first one was free, you continue to make more upgrades. From a french maid, to sex vixen, to your very own, nearly naked giantess! Just as you are about to program her to be a nymphomaniac, the unthinkable happens. Your account is over drawn!

All of the upgrades you have made are no longer available and Cali Bot reverts back to her original form, just before shutting down. Her last words to you were "system failure, call manufacturer." Not exactly what you wanted to hear from your sex machine!

This 9:30 minute clip is edited with robotic sound effects during Cali's pre-upgrade and shutdown stages. The clip includes giantess and transformation fetishes. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Robots" category.

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