Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sneak Attack Cunt Bust Retaliation- Jade Indica vs Cali Logan

Cali Logan sneaks up behind Jade Indica and gives her a big, unsolicited squeeze to the vagina. Jade screams out in pain and declares war! The two go back and forth destroying each other's pussies with kicks, grinds, punches and grabs.

Jade starts to dominate the fight and finally gets Cali to submit to her. The two run their hands into their jeans and rub their aching nether regions in search of relief from the pain.

This 10 minute clip includes female fighting, low blows, long hair, high wasted jeans, high heels. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the CUNT BUSTING category.

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The Evil Twin

Lovers Shauna Ryanne and Cali Logan are sick and tired of Cali's evil twin sister Keri trying to get in the way of their relationship. Cali convinces Shauna that she should get rid of her pesky sibling by swallowing her whole!

Shauna doesnt even think this would be possible, so Cali demonstrates by swallowing her first. She leaves her in her belly for a while before coughing her back up. The two talk about the experience for a few minutes before Shauna feels confident to do the same to Keri. Shauna then calls Keri telling her she wants to hang opportunity she jumps to!

When Keri arrives to the house, she is annoyed to see her twin sister Cali there. The two have a brief conversation before Shauna pops out from behind a chair and declares that it was all a set up. Then she opens wide and swallows Keri whole. With a few big gulps she is down, squished inside of Shauna's stomach.

With her sister tucked away, Cali has a confession to make....she, in fact is KERI! She tricked Shauna in to believing that she was her sister in order to get rid of her. Shauna is furious and frantically tries to cough her girlfriend up, but she doesnt know how!

Keri tries to win Shauna over, but she just wants Cali back. With this Keri knows that she is in trouble and needs to dispose of the evidence. She opens up and swallows Shauna with Cali still in her stomach. It wasnt easy, but she got the duo down. They can have each other...for the time they have left gurgling around in her stomach at least.

This 18 minute VORE clip can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies store.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Saving your Marriage, One Tit at a Time

You have sought out a therapist to help you find out why you are no longer attracted to your wife. When you start to talk to the doctor, you think she looks familiar. Through a few quetions it is revealed that your hot doctor is actually a very nerdy girl you went to high school with.

She swears there are no hard feelings, and says that she is a true professional, so no worries about the past. You trust her as she tells you to relax and close your eyes. The therapy session begins with an induction and relaxation exercise.

It must be working because the only thing you can focus on is the sound of her voice. Once she has your mind ready to receive her suggestions, she has her fun. She strips down and uses her voluptuous breasts and tight ass to program your mind to think of her every time he sees his wife. This picture you have in your mind will turn you on beyond belief. You wont be able to control yourself. 

With these triggers in place, she puts herself back together and gets ready to bring you back. She kills 2 birds with 1 stone in this session. Your marriage will be saved and she will have the piece of mind knowing that you are thinking of how hot she is any time you see your wife's breasts or butt. 

This 16 minute clip can be found in the Craving Cali c4s store under the "MIND FUCK" category.

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The Intruder

Alexis Valerie is getting some last minute work done before rushing out to the office when an intruder sneaks up from behind and hand rags her. She struggles but can not escape his grip, finally going limp in his arms.

The intruder then takes this opportunity to bind her with large black zip ties and insert a big red ball gag into her mouth. When she comes to, she realzises that her wrists are tied behind her and her legs are tightly stuck together.

The man returns and drags her into another room where he secures her to a chair with ropes. He removes the ball gag and she begins to scream so he shoves in a piece of cloth and binds it with a thick piece of microfoam tape.

He then leaves her to struggles. She does her best, but can not get herself free.

This 10 minute clip includes on screen rigging, mixed bondage, damsel in distress, ball gag, struggling, pantyhose, glasses, rope bondage. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the "Bondage" category.

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Presentation Humiliation with Sahrye and Cali Logan

Sahrye and Cali are giving a huge corporate presentation in front of a large group of prospects about money management and financial planning programs that they offer.

During their pitch, their clothing begins to misbehave. Buttons come undone, stockings fall down, skirts disappear into thin air. They try to keep their cool and continue with the lecture, but when their underwear vanish, they can no longer conceal their utter humiliation.

The two naked execs scramble to figure out an exit strategy, but are so embarrassed that they can not even think! The girls gather their books and run out of the room to rush home before the situation gets any worse.

This 13 minute clip includes enf, magic, embarrassment, humiliation, forced nudity, forced stripping, stockings, garters, business attire, high heels, latinas. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Embarrassed Naked Female" Category.

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Pro Circuit or Bust! Hannah Vs Cali

Cali Logan and Hannah Perez go head to head in a pro-style mat room match to fight for the last spot in their local pro circuit ring.

They expertly apply holds on their opponent to gain the upper hand and win the match and prove they deserve the spot. Tactics used include leg scissors, full nelsons, camel clutches, boston crabs, bow and arrow, surfboards, etc. The two battle it out through the pain...and the nip slips!

Though each girl proves to be a valiant candidate, there can be only one winner. Cali finishes Hannah with a triangle hold, claiming victory over her rival and confirming her spot on the pro circuit.

This 11 minute  clip includes female fighting, pro style holds, converse boots, one piece bathing suits. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category

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Ivy's New Formula

In this Superheroine Parody...

Batgirl has captured one of Poison Ivy's henchmen (Silent POV) and has strong armed him into telling her where their lair is.

Once Batgirl arrives at the hide out, she is met by some of Ivy's vicious plants who attack and detain her. The heroine struggles to free herself, but the plants are too strong and hold her tighter the harder she fights.

When Ivy arrives she is delighted to see Batgirl. She fell right into the trap and now Ivy can test out her new formula. Historically, her phermones only worked on male subjects, but she has come up with a new potion that is compatible with estrogen- the female hormone.

Ivy slathers her lips in the new serum and plants a big kiss right on Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl tries hard to resist the formula as it begins to cirulate through her system, but its no use. She becomes very obedient and very horny.

To make sure the potion is working, Ivy tells Batgirl to do something she would never do...Strip! The now mindless heroine obeys and agrees to help Ivy take over Gotham. With a superheroine on her side, this villainess will be able to get away with anything!

This 17 minute clip includes superheroines, villains, peril, struggling, strip tease, mind fuck, magic control, personality transformation. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Batty Girl

Batgirl has been feeling very stressed out lately with living a double life and all seeing so many terrible things happening in her beloved city of Gotham. She has sought out a therapist, but wanted to go somewhere discreet, so she has made an appointment with a doctor who is supposed to be adored by the rich and famous.

When she arrives, she immediately gets a weird feeling from the receptionist, but doesnt want to judge a book by its cover. When she gets in to see the doctor, things get even more strange! Batgirl knows she is looking for alternative medicine, but something just isnt right.

The first exercise leaves Batgirl feeling dizzy, then POW she is smacked in the head with a baseball bat. Its lights out! When she wakes up, she is even more confused, but the doctor convinces her that this is all just part of the therapy...then another K0.

The next time Batgirl wakes up she decides she has had enough and tries to leave. But the doctor is ready for her next move and presses the bat hard against her throat when she tries to leave. Out again Bat Brains!

Now Batgirl knows that the doctor is actually Harley Quinn, who finally reveals herself. She goes for some weapons only to find that Harley had removed her utility belt during one of her naps. Batgirl is so dizzy from all the blacking out that she is too weak to fight and HQ finds herself another opportunity to put her unwilling patient back to sleep.

Harley decides that Bagirl is being a bit too frisky and chains her up so she cant try to run away again. She has always been curious about the superherione's true identity, so when Batgirl wakes up, she lifts her mask to reveal that Batgirl is actually Cali Gordon! She gets so excited that she beats the bound bat up a bit more and puts her into a devastating head scissors. You guessed it, K0ed again!!

Batgirl looks so cute, that Harley begins to wonder how SHE would look in her stuff. She puts on Batgirl's cape, gloves and cowl. When Batgirl wakes up she is mortified and tries to use reverse psychology on Harley as a last resort effort to be let go. Unfortunately, it doesnt work and she is once again met with a hard BANG to the head. Harley is bursting at the seams with joy knowing that Mr. J is going to be so proud of her!

This 27 minute clip includes superheroines, villains, female fighting, eye rolling, limp play, un-masking, de-booting, cosplay, costumes, latex, spandex, handcuffs. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Mixed Drinks and Mixed Signals

Your neighbor Cali comes over and she can see that you have been drinking...a lot! She helps you out by pouring you another drink, then starts to have a little bit of fun with you. She knows you have a crush on her, so she takes advantage and starts flirting.

At first you feel better, but when she leans in for a kiss, you think something might be up and  push her away. She then alternates between sweetly stripping, forcing you to drink more, and beating you up. She teases you with her body and you are confused because you like the attention, but know youre nothing more than a little toy for her.

After several refills, kicks to the balls, stomach punches and stripping herself completely naked, she kneels over you and decides that shes knocked you down enough for one day, but says she would like to come back and do it again sometime.

WTF just happened?! Looks like you got dominated and liked it!

This 15 minute Silent POV clip includes mixed fighting, strip tease, forced intox. The 720HD format can be found in the Craving Cali c4s Store under the "Femdom POV" category

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Indecent Proposal

Your crazy ex girlfriend (Cali Logan) has stumbled over after a night out to try and seduce you. She wants you back and will do whatever it takes to win you over.

She spends some time flirting with you while she eats her banana, and explains that she doesnt care if you have a girlfriend, you belong with her. She then begins to reminisce about good times and brings up that time she tied herself up for you...and how much you liked it. Which gives her the idea to do it again.

Cali runs to the garage and comes back with a whole bunch of tape and zip ties that she proceeds to bind herself with. Once she has herself good and bound, she asks you to put something special in her mouth.

Even though she looks insanely hot, you dont give into her advances. Instead of giving her what she wants, you grab a handkerchief and stuff it in her mouth, then tape it in.

Defiantly, Cali struggles and complains through the gag and tape. You decide that youve had enough excitement for one night and leave her there to think about what she has done.

This 20 minute clip includes self bondage, struggling, mouth fetish, seduction, blindfold. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the TAPE BONDAGE category.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stinky Sock Domination with Mai Ly and Cali Logan

Cali Logan and Mai Ly are returning home to celebrate a cheer leading competition win! They kick off their shoes and a terrible smell fills the room. Cali admits that it might be her feet, saying that the coach told her it was good luck NOT to wash her socks, so she has been wearing them dirty all season.

Mai thinks this is absolutely disgusting and thinks that Cali needs to learn how silly superstitions are and just how bad her feet STINK!

She binds Cali in a Hogtie and forces her to sniff, lick and suck on both of their smelly gym socks. To make sure her message really sinks in, Mai binds the socks and shoes to Cali's face. She has no choice but to breath in the smelly grossness she has created over the past 6 months.

This clip runs 11 minutes and includes socks, sneakers, sweaty feet. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Customs Fantasies Store under the "Sock Smelling" category.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Build-a-Bot with Cali Logan

You arrive home from work to find that your Build-A-Bot Cali has finally arrived! You eagerly tear off her packaging and grab for the remote to boot her up!

She scans the room and identifies you as her owner. You love the idea of her, but she looks so drab with her frumpy clothes and short, messy hair. No problem! She explains that you are eligible for one free upgrade. You go for it and she looks so much better! Her breasts are larger, hair is longer, she is even wearing makeup. Now were getting somewhere.

The bot recommends more upgrades, and of course, you want to see what else she can do. Even though only the first one was free, you continue to make more upgrades. From a french maid, to sex vixen, to your very own, nearly naked giantess! Just as you are about to program her to be a nymphomaniac, the unthinkable happens. Your account is over drawn!

All of the upgrades you have made are no longer available and Cali Bot reverts back to her original form, just before shutting down. Her last words to you were "system failure, call manufacturer." Not exactly what you wanted to hear from your sex machine!

This 9:30 minute clip is edited with robotic sound effects during Cali's pre-upgrade and shutdown stages. The clip includes giantess and transformation fetishes. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Robots" category.

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