Thursday, December 3, 2015

Teacher Transformation

Mrs. Cali Logan is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the WORST student in school to serve detention under her watch. This is not what she invisioned her teaching career being like, but its part of the job requirements.

The student arrives (silent POV) and can tell that she is nervous. He suggests a meditation technique and for whatever reason, Mrs. Logan starts doing the exercise, counting backward slowly from 10. Its really relaxing and she can't believe how well it worked...almost like spell!

Right before your eyes, Cali begins to tranform from the serious, boring, prude of a teacher to a voluptuous sex vixen. Makeup magically begins to spread across her face. Her long skirt transforms to a shorter version of itself, before becoming tight leather, then a bikini bottom.

Her personality changes right along with her body. She is flirty and begins to reveal her sexual desires. She confesses how bad she wants you and what she would like to do with you.

Then, she spins and turns herself into a powerful superheroine. With her new powers she vows to bust you out of detention so you two can spend some quality time together.

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