Friday, November 27, 2015

Nude and Bound- Office Humiliation with Cherie Deville and Cali Logan

Cali has always been a bitchy boss to Cherie. Passing her up for promotions and treating her as though she barely exists. Cherie has finally had all she can take and finds a way for her voice to be heard.

She charges into Cali's office armed and ready to make her pay. She forces her boss to strip then pulls out a bag of ropes, tying the naked and embarrassed Cali up nice and tight. She uses duct tape to keep her quite while she fondles her body before leaving the room.

Cali struggles to release herself, but its no use. She needs help and hops out of the office. When she reaches the break room, she once again crosses paths with Cherie who taunts her damsel in distress.

An intruder walks in and spoils all of her fun though. It seems that there is another co-worker (pov) who cant pass up a opportunity when he sees one. He forces Cherie to strip down to nude and ties her up with the left over rope.

Both girls struggle on the floor and try to untie one another, but cant get the ropes loose. They will have to wait until lunch time for someone to find them in all their nude, bound humiliation.

This 20 minute clip includes rope bondage. tape gag, crotch rope, chest tie, forced stripping, enf, embarrassed nude female, domination, humiliation, struggling, gag talk. The 720HD format can be found Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the "Bondage" category.

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