Friday, November 6, 2015

CyberCat III: NightHawk Falls Prey


Cyberkat is an evil, sadistic villainess. But her evil plans are constantly being foiled by the local team of super-heroines: The Justice Girls.
She’s decided that enough is enough and she needs to get rid of them. She can’t fight all of them at once, so she comes up with a plan. She will capture just one of them, break her, interrogate her, and use the information to destroy the rest of the group.

In part I, Cyberkat kidnaps Sparrow, the most junior member of the Justice Girls and makes her give up all her secrets. Now armed with complete information on all of the Justice Girls, their secret identities, passwords, operating procedures, etc., Cyberkat continues her evil plan by targeting two more members of the team.

In Part II, Jessica Marvel is fast asleep in her bed. Cyberkat breaks into her house, catching her completely by surprise, subdues her, and has her way with her.

Cyberkat brings Jessica to her lair. Jessica escapes her bondage and transforms into Marvelous Girl. Cyberkat and Marvelous Girl have a fight, but it’s pretty one-sided. It’s clear that Marvelous Girl will win and Cyberkat doesn’t stand a chance, because Marvelous Girl is pretty much invincible. But then Cyberkat activates the collar she put on Marvelous Girl earlier. This completely nullifies Marvelous Girl’s powers making her an ordinary woman. With their positions reversed, Cyberkat manhandles her prey easily and knocks her out.
This was, in fact, Cyberkat’s evil plan all along. She needed Marvelous Girl to transform.

Finally, Marvelous Girl awakens in bondage. Cyberkat uses the collar to drain Marvelous Girl’s powers, which is a painful process. This scene is all about painful torture as Cyberkat rips Marvelous Girl’s powers from her.

And now, here we are at PART III

NightHawk arrives to save Sparrow and Marvelous Girl. Cyberkat confronts her. They fight and NightHawk defeats Cyberkat. Cyberkat has a trick up her sleeve, though. Cyberkat knew NightHawk was coming and she set a timer on Marvelous Girl’s neck which will explode unless she disarms it. NightHawk is forced to choose between arresting Cyberkat and watching Marvelous Girl die, or surrendering. She surrenders, of course.

The next scene is pure sadistic dominating fun. Sparrow revealed a lot of personal information about NightHawk, her sexual preferences, fantasies, etc. And Cyberkat uses this against her and humiliates her at the same time. Cyberkat is going to make NightHawk orgasm in this scene, by way of her robotic, vibrating hand. It’s all up-close and personal sexual domination.

·         For a final humiliation, Cyberkat puts her two captives together and forces them to kiss and orgasm long past the point of endurance. 

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