Friday, October 9, 2015

The Wishing Device

Riley Reynolds is the inventor of a wishing device and has come on the Cali Logan Show to share what it can do. It sounds simple. Progam the GPS coordinants of the person youre giving the wish to and it reads their mind to make the wish come true. 

Cali is excited to make her first wish, but when she opens her eyes, its not at all what she expected. Riley is standing there in just her bra and panites. She begins to accuse Cali of making the wish on purpose to humiliate her. 

Cali promises that she has no idea what happened and will wish for her clothes to come back. Riley programs another wish into the device, only to end up completely nude! She is infuruiated with Cali. The two argue  and Riley scolds Cali on not wishing properly. 

They try again and this time Cali's clothes disappear. Its now clear that Cali may have been telling the truth and something is wrong with the device. The humiliated girls try to figure out whats going on when finally Riley realizes that the GPS is glitching and pointed at the camera man instead of Cali! 

This whole time he was wishing for the girls' clothes to disappear and just kept rolling as they stood there frustrated and embarrassed. 

This 9 minute clip includes magic, enf, embarrassment, forced stripping, nudity. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Embarrased Naked Female" category.

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