Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hogtied Cheerleader Begs for More

Cali Logan is bored with the usual routine of cheer practice and asks her friend (silent POV) to tie her up. She starts with her wrists and ankles bound. Loving the way it feels to be helpless, she asks for more rope and a gag!

As she struggles around enjoying the ropes constricting her movement; she tries to talk through her red ball gag, continuing to ask for more until she is bound in a full hogtie.

When shes had enough, she signals to her friend that she would like to be released, but the friend just stands there and watches as she begins to panic a bit. Be careful what you wish for Cali, you just might get it!

This 14 minute clip includes cheerleaders, costumes, struggling, gag talk, ball gag, hog tie, sneakers, no panties, elbow ties. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the "Rope Bondage" category.

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