Friday, September 11, 2015

Cybercat II: Draining Powergirl

Evil Cyborg CyberCat is back for more and this time, she has her sights set on Powergirl. She catches her prey off guard by sneaking into her civilian home, binding her to the bed and sexually assaulting her. Then, Cybercat uses her bionic hand to force the goodie-two-shoes to an orgasm which leaves her weak, vulnerable and humiliated. She is then collared and hauled off to Cybercat's lair where the real fun will begin.

She is lead in by a leash attached to her collar and left in a cell just long enough to transform and break free from her chains. Cybercat hears something form the distance and comes rushing in to see her captive no longer looks like a scared little girl, rather a powerful and angry superheroine.

The two go head to head in a fight where it looks like Powergirl is going to win. Of course, that is, until Cybercat uses the remote control attached to the collar around Powergirl's neck to send painful shockwaves through her opponents body. Powergirl writhes in agony as Cybercat explains the functions of the collar.

With Powergirl now weakened, Cybercat sits on her face until she is out cold. She now takes the un conscious superheorine and fully restrains her ensure she wont escape again. And now for the true purpose of capturing drain and harness all of her powers! Oh, and to force a few more orgasms too!! Cybercat just loves the taste of superheroine juices...

This 29 minute clip includes superheroine, peril, damsel in distress, forced orgasm, female fighting, bondage, humiliation. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril store.

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