Saturday, July 4, 2015

iFreeze- Starring Keri Spectrum and Cali Logan

 Cali just got the brand new iPhone and she downloaded an app called iFreeze. She is showing her new camera off to her best friend Keri and has her pose for a selfie. As soon as Cali clicks the button to take a photo, Keri is stuck frozen in place. It works just like the app said it would!! According to the reviews, victims will stay frozen for about a minutes.

Now she has some fun with Keri, scurrying to the other side of the room while she is frozen. Keri finally starts to realize something is up, demands that Cali give her the camera, but just as she gets close enough to grab it, Cali snaps another picture, stopping her in her tracks.

Cali jokes that it would be great to have Keri shaking her ass, when much to her surprise, she repeats Cali's words and starts doing so. This part wasn't in any of the app instructions, but being able to manipulate Keri's actions while she is frozen is a super fun bonus!

Cali decides to call a truce and runs off to the bathroom while still chatting away with Keri. Suddenly, Cali stops responding so Keri heads to the bathroom to check on her. Sure enough, there's Cali frozen in the mirror. She thought since it was her phone, she would be immune to its powers. But boy was she wrong.

Keri now turns the tables on Cali by making her freeze in place, make funny faces and play with her bare breasts.

This minute Freeze clip also includes mind fuck and magic control elements. It can be found in 720HD in Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

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