Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fast Thieves "ENF with Cali Logan and Hannah Perez

Detective Hannah Perez has arrived to the house of Cali Logan who is new to the neighborhood. She is warning residents about a string of robberies and urging anyone with information to get in touch with her right away.

During their conversation, the lights cut out several times. Each time the lights come back on, pieces of Hannah's outfit are mysteriously missing. First her outer clothes, then her underwear, leaving her completely nude. Cali apologizes for not having anything to give the detective to cover herself with as she still hasnt unpacked any of her boxes.

She begins to accuse Cali of having something to do with it, but Cali has no clue what's going on!

Between the bickering, the lights cut out again, and Cali is now suffering the same fate. They girls dont know what to do, but decide that the house isnt a safe place to be and their only hope of finding some new clothing will be to scurry their way to Hannah's car.

They do their best to cover each other's lady parts and head out for all to see them in their naked glory.

This 10 minute clip includes ENF, embarrassment, forced stripping, magic control. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes under the "Embarassed Nude Female" category.

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