Monday, June 22, 2015

Pathetic, Mindless, Sick Fuck- Punished by Cadence Lux

You are hiding away in Cadence's closet dressed like a sissy little bitch, watching her get ready. As she applies her luscious red lipgloss and strokes her silky blonde hair, you can not help but gravitate toward her. Its as if your body is being controlled by some mystical force, making it impossible to resist her.

You grow weaker and weaker, falling to your knees beside her. Finally, she acknowledges you and expresses her disgust. Hiding in the closet while jerking your disgusting cock? You must be punished.

STARE and become more mesmerized by her beauty. STARE into her seductive red lips. STARE into her sparkling blue eyes. STARE at her hair as it moves gently, and you lose all control. You have failed to resist  must obey. As Cadence continues to insult your manhood, you continue to crave her.

Your punishment begins with hitting yourself repeatedly over the head with a book. Harder...HARDER...its not hard enough.

Your balls...grab are just pathetic. Enough is enough. Take the shirt next to you and wrap it around your neck. Keep going...of course you can't breath, that's the point! Now, don't stop until you pass out!

This 15 minute clip includes the following fetish categories: Femdom, Female Domination, Cock and Ball Torture, Cross Dressing, Humiliation, Mesmerize, Magic Control, Lip Gloss, Hair Brushing.

The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under "Mind Fuck"

*For optimal experience, wear a dress and have a hard book and long T-shirt on available*

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