Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hex (played by Cali Logan) is a Super Villain who specializes in causing bad luck to anyone who tries to stop her evil plans.

Cadence Lux is a goodie-two-shoes Superheroine who fell right into the trap of this evil mastermind. She arrives to the home of Hex and is immediately stopped in her tracks with a snowball to the face. Some more unfortunate incidences occur on her way to the face off between herself and Hex.

Of course, Hex is ready for her. Everything that Cadence does in attempt to defeat her opponent is shot down by either bad luck, or the fighting skills of Hex herself.

Finally, Cadence catches a break and begins to over power Hex. She returns every face punch, cunt bust and breast attack the villain gave her. Even water boards her! Hex passes out and Cadence strips her from her costume, then ties her to a bench to assure she won't get away before the cops arrive.

On her way out, Cadence runs straight into the door, knocking herself unc0nscious. While she is napping on the floor, Hex breaks free from her binds and finds the sad little Superheroine silently begging for more torture.

Hex over the shoulder carries Cadence back into the living room, where she strips her naked and ties her up. The drowsy Superheroine is defeated and humiliated.

This 30 minute clip includes Female Fighting, Superheroines, Cunt Busting, Wrestling. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

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