Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Haunted Homes

Kerri Taylor is the host of a popular cable TV show called Haunted Homes. Today, she is investigating the residence of Cali Logan, who has been experiencing strange occurrences since moving in.

As Kerri begins to interview Cali, her outer clothes disappear. She notices that she is sitting in her underwear and begs the camera man to stop rolling. The ghosts are interfering with the electronics and the cameras wont turn off. Kerri does her best to gather herself and continue the interview, but her bra and panties suddenly disappear too, leaving her completely nude and humiliated.

Cali knows that the ghost are in control at this point and tries to save the show until her clothes also disappear. Both girls end up naked, embarrassed and begging the ghosts to give their clothes back!

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