Monday, May 25, 2015

SlapStick Cali Boobie Traps Herself

Cali has cleverly set up a room full of boobie traps for her exboyfriend to fall into. Thumbtacs on the chair to poke him in the ass when he sits down, a basket full of dirty laundry for his face to fall into, a clothes zapping ray, banana peels to slip on and land in pie. You get the picture! Oh and of course, hidden cameras all around to stream live to the internet!!!

As she goes over the final touches of her master plan, clumsy Cali begins to fall into the traps herself. When her ex finally arrives, she is naked, covered in pie and absolutely humiliated! And to make matters worse, he ties her to a chair, stuffs dirty panties in her mouth, and delivers yet another pie straight to her face. This day could not get any worse! That is until she remembers that shes being broadcasted live for all of their friends and family to see...

This 10 minute clip includes ENF, Embarrassment, WAM. The 720HD format can be found in my Cali' Customs c4s Store under the "Wet and Messy Category"

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