Friday, May 15, 2015

Frozen Lovers

Earlier today, Riley and Cali went to one of those silly Hypn0 shows and it really turned Riley on to see her wife frozen and vulnerable. She its trying to get some sexy time, but Cali isn't having it. She just wants to read her book and be left alone.

Riley keeps trying and talking about the show, and snaps her fingers. Much to her surprise, Cali freezes in place. Just like during the show! She realizes that the commands are still valid and she can now have her way with Cali.

She drags her to the floor, takes her hair down and makes out with her. She snaps Cali out of the trance a couple of times, just for fun. But shes so horny and wants to take full advantage of the situation. Riley takes things to the next step, undressing her wife and worshiping her body. Before she puts Cali back together, she uses her wife's stiff hand to bring herself to an orgasm.

When Cali wakes up, she wipes the drool off her face and realizes that if the commands were still in place for her, then she should be able to freeze Riley too. She snaps and sure enough, Riley is frozen in time!

Since her reading session was already interrupted, she returns the favor, and uses Riley as her own personal sex toy. Instead of letting Riley come to and go about the rest of her evening, Cali decides to keep her frozen and enjoy the silence.

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