Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fighting Sleep

There has been a string of missing women in the area and investigator Cali Logan is on the case. She has followed some leads to a man who calls himself Lance, posing as a photographer.

When she arrives at his house for a photo shoot, immediately, she feels as though something is fishy. While the creep goes to get his camera, Cali starts snooping around. She doesnt get far before Lance returns and has a few questions of his own. 

Before Cali can get to the door, she is backed into a corner where she struggles, but can not escape his grip. The two wrestle to the floor where Cali receives a hard smash to the hard wood and is kn0cked out completely. 

Lance takes the opportunity to check her pockets and have some fun. He loves toying with the girls while theyre out and helpless. Cali is carried around the room like a little rag doll, before waking up and once again trying to escape.

This time, she loses c0nsciousness in a tight sleeper hold. Her eyes roll back and her body goes limp as her captor once again has his way with her, removing her shirt and carrying her away. 

The next scene includes an interrogation with Cali's hand tied over head and her belly being punched repeatedly until she once again falls asleep. Lance then carries his victim to the bed where he removes Cali's clothes poses her for photos. 

Everytime she wakes up, Cali is met with a new obstacle. Rope around the neck...Gas Mask...Needle...

She comes to just enough to realize what is going on and find out she has been sold on the human trafficking market in Lance's online auction. 

This 47 minute clip includes limp play, mixed fighting, lift and carry, aoh, arms over head, belly punching, dragging, damsel in distress. The 720HD format can be found in my Cali's Customs c4s store under the Limp Fetish category.

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