Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cadence Ate my Husband- Part 2: Regurgitation

Cali has been frantically researching solutions for getting her husband out of Cadence's stomach before he is completely digested. She came across a device that is supposed to temporarily shrink anything it is aimed at.

Willing to try anything, Cadence swallows the device and they tell Cali's husband to use it on himself when it gets to him in her belly. Miraculously, it works! Cadence has gone back down to normal size. The only problem is, she still cant cough Cali's husband up.

Knowing theyre working on limited time, Cali tells Cadence to swallow a long string so that her husband can tie it around himself. Once hes secure, all she has to do is give a couple of hard tugs, and he should come right out!

Again, Cali's plan works! But perhaps it worked too well...

Cali watches in horror as her tiny husband flies out of Cadence's mouth into her own. And just in time for the shrinking spell to wear off, of course. Now her belly is full with the body of her husband, who finally got to live out his vore fantasy of being swallowed whole by his wife.

This 15 minute clip includes shrinking fetish, big belly, pregnant look, vore.

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