Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bait and Switch- A Freeze Story

When Megan Jones arrives to Cali Logan's house, she is greeted by 2 frozen ladies! She has some fun posing the half naked statues, then decides its time to bring Kelly back to life and put and end to Cali's freezing people once and for all.

Kelly is shocked to find that she has been stuck like a mannequin in a lingerie store this whole time and wants to give Cali a taste of her own medicine. She and Megan take turns posing the frozen Cali, before having a break for some coffee.

While the girls' backs are turned, Cali comes out of her frozen state and slips a little Freeze Serum in their coffee mugs. They think they have Cali right where they want her, but just as they begin to feel the freeze effects kicking in, Cali reveals that she is no longer frozen and has once again trapped them into being her little toys!

She spends some time posing and taking naughty photos of the ladies, before moving them to the couch for some snacks and a movie.

The 720HD format of this 15 minute Freeze clip can be found in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory. 

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