Sunday, March 29, 2015


Ultragirl returns to her office after an exhausting day of fighting crime to see an envelope addressed to her. She opens it and finds nothing more than a recording device. Curiously, she presses play and its the voice of the man she has been searching for, revealing the location of his warehouse.

No rest for the Weary! Ultragirl storms out toward the address where she is sure to find Reaver.

When she arrives to the location, she is met by one of Reaver's henchmen. Ultragirl is confident that she will have no problem taking the goon down. Until he produces a strange looking gun and shoots her with it. At first, she thinks it has done nothing to her, until she tries to battle the big oaf and her punches are useless. Her powers are gone!

The weakened Ultragirl tries to fight, but its no use. She is pummeled. Things continue to get worse, as now its Reaver's turn to deal with her. And he's not as kind as his trusty employees. His ultimate plan for Ultragirl is more than just a quick thrill...he sells only the highest quality women to his customers. And SHE is a most sought after specimen.

This 18 minute clip includes Superheroines, Peril, Mixed Fighting, Wet Look, Male Domination, Bondage. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

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  1. Very interested in getting this one. Just a quick question, how many of the 18 minutes is Ultragirl spent bound and gagged, and when does it occur during the clip? Thanks in advance for the response.