Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swallowed the Doctor

Cali has been experiencing some strange pains with her pregnancy and finds a specialist to take a look at things. When she arrives, no one is to be seen, until she notices a tiny little man on the table.

The doctor has found a way to shrink himself so that he can do a full internal investigation of Cali's stomach with out harming the baby. Its experimental, but Cali is willing to give it a try and swallows the doctor.

At first it seems that this will be an easy task. He is attached to a rope and when he is ready to be pulled up, he will give a few tugs. Unfortunately, reality trumps theory and Cali accidentally swallows the string while attempting to rescue the little doctor from the perils of her stomach acids. She begins to panic and tries to cough him up to no avail.

Cali decides the best thing to do is flee the scene and pretend none of this ever happened. Poor little guy getting churned around in her tummy!

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