Saturday, August 23, 2014

Freeze Triggers with Jacqeline Velvets

Jacqueline Velvets is begging me to go to the beach, but I have other plans for you. You see, I installed "triggers" in her brain last night while she was sleeping, and now its time for me to find out just how well they work.

I start with the simple FREEZE trigger, which works like a charm. There she is, stuck in the position I froze her in. When I unfreeze her, she has no idea what just happened and continues to beg me to accompany her to the beach.

The other triggers I play around with are Mannequin, Scared Freeze and finally Slow Freeze. All three work great and I decide to leave here there, frozen in time, until I get back from a beach trip of my own.

This 10 minute freeze clip is shot in POV fashion and available in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory

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