Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Master of the Castle

Keri Spectrum has been Sinn's maid for quite some time now. She is sick and tired of the way her boss treats her like the dirt she sweeps up!

Today, Keri has a little surprise for Ms. Sage....she's found a necklace that will allow her to control whoever is wearing it. She convinces Sinn that it came from a handsome gentleman caller and helps her put it on.

The necklace works! She can now make Sinn change into a maid's costume and do all of the humiliating housework. And the best work, she calls Keri "Master" the entire time, which is appropriate since she has Sinn sign the house over to her. Keri  really is the master of the castle now!

This 15 minute clip includes mind fuck, mesmerize, maids, cleaning, mean girls, magic control. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Female Training" Category.

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