Monday, June 16, 2014

Forget Your Girlfriend Hypno

Your neighbor, Cali Logan, has had her eye on you for sometime. She doesnt care that you have a girlfriend. In fact, she rather enjoys the challenge.

She invites herself into your house today and uses her powers of persuasion to lull you into a trance. Youre captivated by the way she moves her sexy lips and tongue. Her eyes are drawing you in more and more. You are slowly convinced that she is a better match and lover than your girlfr...wait, who?

She proves her dominance over you with a very special treat, then demands that you clean up and take her out.

This 18 minute clip includes mesmerize, mind fuck, magic control, lip licking, seduction. The 720 HD format can be found in my store Craving Cali under the "Mind Fuck" Category.

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