Saturday, May 3, 2014

Return of the Vampire- Part 3: The Final Bite

In the Final Installment of this 3-Part Vampire series...

Jenn D awakes a new woman...or shall we say, Vampire??? And she is starving. Cali Logan drags Keri Spectrum over to feed her new recruit. Severely weakened by the fight, Keri can not even defend herself as her once lover sinks her teeth deep into her neck.

Keri simply cant take anymore and falls unconcious. While she is out, Cali and Jenn tie her up and leave her to struggle.

This 9 minute clip includes vampires, damsel in distress, biting, struggling, rope bondage, girl-girl kissing. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril under the "Vampires" Category.

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