Thursday, May 22, 2014

Now Offering Superheroine DVDs!

Some stories simply can't be told in under 15 minutes, which is why I've created this video store. Longer movies with complete story lines so you don't have to search around for all the bits and pieces. 
Movies includes Superheroine characters such as Batgirl, Super Girl and Wonder Woman, along with unique personalities created by some of the best fans in the genre. We also have a handful of the sexiest villains on the net to make sure our valiant heroines don't do too much good. 

I will be updating the store with what I currently have available over the next week or so, then of course, periodically as they come along. Wrestling, Bondage and Hypno/Robo compilations are also soon to come!!

Once all of the DVD titles are in place, I will also be compressing smaller format version of all my movies with multiple parts to buy as one. It might take a bit for this to all come together, but I think it will be worth it for those of you who like to gather all the bits and pieces to a story.

And here I thought I was going on maternity leave....hahahahah!

Link to video store:


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  1. i get a batgirl dvd i do love it
    please more batgirl movies on dvd
    and please make to for 1 on dvd