Friday, May 9, 2014

Absorbed by Cali Logan

You and Cali had an amazing date. Dinner, drinks and dancing! At the end of the night, she invites you back to her place. This is your big chance! When you get to her apartment, she makes you a cup of her "special tea." 

This is where the evening starts to get weird. You realize that you have no control over your body- completely frozen. She tells you not to fight the effects of the tea, its usless, youre helpless and completely at her mercy. She removes her clothing and says, "Not bad for 10,000 years old, huh?!" She continues to explain that she is a Succubus, and must feed every 50 years to stay young and beautiful. Once she kisses you with her lethal lips, you will shrink down to the size of a thimble. Youll wiggle down her throat into her stomach where her body will absorb you. Laughing, she applies her lipstick and puckers up. 

You are terrified but, there is nothing you can do. You wake up the size of a bug. Cali toys with you for a bit, then shoves you into a piece of cake and takes bite after bite, getting closer and closer to eating you. Finally, she picks you up with her fork and swallows you down. Your fate is now to energize her body for the next 50 years. Watch out boys, you may be next!

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