Monday, February 17, 2014

Guess that Mess!

Guess That Mess!
"Cali hosts a Game show where Danielle must guess what mess is poured on her"

Danielle Trixie is a contestant on the game show Guess that Mess! The challenge is to be blind-folded by the host, Cali Logan and guess the substance that is presented by feeling, smelling or or having it poured over her head. Things really start to get messy when the blindfolded contestant "accidentally" spills on the host. Cali tries to keep her cool and continue the game, but out of no where, an audience member comes up with a bucket of pink slime and pours it right over Cali's head! By the end of the game, Cali and Dani are wrestling in the mixed up goop, which consists of yogurt, chocolate syrup, cake batter, pumpkin puree, pie and other gooey goodness. For the grand finale, that pesky audience member comes back with 2 cream pies...right to Cali and Danielle's messy little faces. Who wins? You!



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