Friday, February 28, 2014

Blueberry Pie Sit

Blueberry Pie Sit
"Lexi sits on her Blueberry Birthday Pie"

I've baked Lexi's favorite pie for her birthday. Blueberry! The only way I will let her have it though, is if she takes off her pants and sits on it. She is very reluctant at first, nervous with anticipation of how its going to feel and what a big mess its going to be. But, I convince her to plop her cute little butt down on the pie and let me watch it ooze all over the place. She moves around as the pie goo squishes out of the tin. She really begins to like it, scooping up handfuls of smashed mess and filling her white panties that are now stained with blue. I knew she would see it my way sooner or later.


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