Friday, January 31, 2014

Mentallica's Mind Control over Super Girl

Super Girl (Danielle Trixie) is hot on the trail of Mentallica (Cali Logan) and thinks that capturing her will be quick and simple. Unfortunately for the heroine, Mentallica uses her mind control skills to take over the situation. Super Girl tries so hard to resist, but the villain is simply too powerful for her.

In the mental clutches of her enemy, the mindless Super Girl becomes a sex slave, worshiping her captor.

This 11 minute clip includes superheronie, super villain, mind control, female training, girl girl, kissing. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Pregnancy Store Just Launched!

Hey All! Just wanted to share the news of my brand new store PREGNANT CALI LOGAN Ill be taking customs for the store over the next few months. My due date is June 1, but all the women in my family give birth about 2-3 weeks early, so if there is something you would like to order, don't wait too long!  You can find more information and a custom submission form on my website Cali's Customs. I can also be reached directly by email: Be sure to stop by the store and see how Ive grown :) xoxo, Cali

Monday, January 27, 2014

More Frozen Friends for Me!!!

Reporter Ruby Slick is investigating a string of disappearances in my neighborhood. What she doesnt know is that she is about to be the next frozen victim.

Oh, Im just having so much fun with all of my life sized posable dolls!

This 17 minute clip includes freeze, posable doll, stuck, magic control, statue. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Ultimate Orgasm- Kerri Taylor

Though she is very shy and nervous, Kerri Taylor reluctantly agrees to take an injection that will give her the most intense orgasm she could imagine. The effects take immediately and she sheds her clothing, moaning and wildly writhing around in ecstasy until the feeling is too much for her to take and she passes out cold.

This 10 minute clip includes transformation, forced orgasm, posing, struggling, damsel in distress, embarrassment. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan and Friends. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shrunken Foot Slave

After finding you wandering around my house, I finally figure out a way to decide whether or not your'e worth keeping as my pet. Here is the test: Spoil my giant feet the best you can. IF you can rub, lick and suck good enough with that tiny mouth of yours, I might decide to keep you.

This 10 minute clip includes giantess, shrunken man, pov, foot massage, foot worship, toe nail painting, slave training. The 720HD format can be found in my store Craving Cali. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clash of the Asses- Keri Spectrum vs Cali Logan

Cocky Cali and Confident Keri each think that they have the BEST ass in the wrestling biz. As the debate gets more and more heated, they begin to get aggressive with each other, bumping and pushing one another around with their butts.

Its not long before this conversation turns into an all out, ass-grabbin' match. Each girl gets her turn putting the other in a tight hold while ass clawing and smacking. Though the fight is even at first, Keri pulls through and proves that her ass should NOT be messed with by sitting on poor Cali's face, smothering her. 

This 7 minute clip includes female fighting, wrestling, ass slapping and grabbing, face sitting, matchbox pin, scissor holds. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan and Friends. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Special Custom Shoot for February

I'm super excited to announce that next month, we will have a couple of girls in town from the Philly area. They're hot, love being naked and can't wait to get messy! 

Of course, regular (non-WAM) customs are available too, but if you are looking for mud wrestling, wet and messy, food stuffs,etc...we will have a place to film such adventures. Get in touch with me soon as space for the shoot is very limited. 

Custom Submission Forms can be found on my website Cali's Customs

xoxo, Cali 

ps- Jenn D will also be available for customs with Niki Lee Young and Keri Spectrum on January 31. No mess please :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Poking Fun at Chubby Jade

Sorority Sister Jade Indica came back from summer break with some extra lbs! Skinny Cali decides to teach her a lesson about gaining weight by poking and prodding at her Jade's newly jiggly belly. She even makes her say "whoo-hoo" like the Pilsbery Dough Boy. How embarrassing.

To really make this lesson sink in, Cali gives Jade a tiny white bikini to wear and takes photos of her flabby body to post around the Sorority House. Last step- parade her around in front of their other super skinny sisters. Jade is definitely going to remember this!!

This 10 minute clip includes chubby, fat, embarrassment. It is available in 720HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Laci Star's Hypno Nude Shoot

Laci doesn't know it yet, but she is going to become a nude model today. Though she is extra shy and 100% against shooting nudes, Cali can be very *very* persuasive.

Once she is under the control of her photographer, spaced out Laci sheds her clothes and poses like a pro. Of course, Cali can't resist but to have a bit more fun with her obedient little slave, making her worship her body before releasing her back to an alert state.

Upon waking up, Laci is completely mortified at the fact that she has no clothes on, but for some reason, still wants to shoot with Cali again in the future. The reason behind that can be our little secret ;)

This 11 minute clip includes female training, forced stripping, mind fuck, mesmerize, embarrassed nude female, enf, g/g kissing. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guess Who's Pregnant...

Me :)

Im starting to show now, so I wont be doing much on camera work for a bit. If anyone is interested in pregnancy fetish clips, please do feel free to get in touch!

xoxo, Cali

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bondage Battle between Cali Logan and Kendra James- Part 1: To Catch a Catburglar

In Part 1 of this 4-Part Bondage Series:

While Cali snoops around, she is abducted by a catsuit clad Kendra James who ties her up and leaves her to struggle. Before she goes, she makes sure the ropes are nice and tight, her cleave gag is secure and a toe tie is placed for optimal restriction.

This 6 minute clip includes rope bondage, struggling, cleave gag, on camera rigging, toe ties, hog tie, damsel in distress. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

From Patient to Pay Slave

Oh great, another whacko with psuedo-psycho problems. This is not what I went through 8 years of school for. I thought becoming a therapist would be a rewarding and fulfilling career...yet here I am, helping you through your *financial domination addiction*

Whatever, lets just start the session...

The session starts with you telling me about how you're addicted to buying videos from girls on the internet and revealing how much money you've been spending. The numbers are astounding. I don't make that much per year...and I'm a freaking doctor!

I decide that an alternative type of therapy such as hypnosis, may be a great option; which you agree to. Once you're under, I explain the rules.... I can not make you do anything you don't want to, but I will give you suggestions to help with your...ahem...problem.

You understand the rules and I begin my mantra. Now, I know this isn't exactly ethical, but you LOVE spending money on these women. And I am going to help you STOP spending money on them. Instead, you will spend all of your money on me. While doing a slow strip tease, I gain more and more control over you with every new inch of skin you see. What an obedient patient you are.

The power is really going to my head as I empty your wallet and have you commit to regular sessions at double my normal rate. Before waking you up, I put my clothes back on as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

See you next week!

This 16 minute clip includes hypnosis, mind control, female training, mind fuck, mesmerize, financial domination. The 720HD format is available in my store Craving Cali. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cunt Busting Bitches: Hannah Perez vs Cali Logan

Cali and Hannah are constantly at each other's throats about scheduling for the mat room. They finally decide to do something about it and fight woman-to-woman. Before the match begins, Cali suggests a bit of "female protection" for the two of them.

The girls each slip into a jock strap, adjust and start the fight. They go back and forth kicking, punching, kneeing, slapping and grabbing each other in the pussy. Even through the jock straps, the blows REALLY hurt. Hannah and Cali take time between each bust to recover and gather up enough strength to deliver another.

Toward the end, Hannah starts to gain the upper hand, working Cali's sore cunt over until she cant take anymore. As a souvenir, she removes the cup from Cali's strap, then walks away to leave her writhing on the floor in pain.

This 10 minute clip includes cunt busting, female fighting, jock straps, low blows. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Batgirl vs Evil Jade- Part 3: Stripped to Submit

In the Final installment of this 3-part Superheroine Parody...

Clever Batgirl nearly escaped the clutches of her captor, the Evil Jade Indica, by using tools in her utility belt to pick the lock on the electric collar around her neck. Just as she thought she was in the clear, Jade sneaks behind her for another capture.

With Batgirl once again out cold, Jade decides that it would be wise to remove Batgirl's uniform. You cant have tricks up your sleeves if youre not wearing any sleeves at all.

When Batgirl comes to, she realizes that she has been defeated. Completely battered, naked and ashamed, the superheroine reluctantly begins to follow the orders of Evil Jade. The opportunity to dominate such a powerful heroine excited the villain and she takes full advantage, forcing herself onto Batgirl and having her for one humiliating task after another.

This 14 minute clip includes superheroines, villains, limp play, stripping, de-masking, de-booting, embarrassed nude, enf, peril, female domination, boot worship, g/g kissing, pantyhose. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril. 

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Bitcy Ex-Girlfriend- Remote Controlled (Part 1: Testing)

In Part 1 of this 2-part Female Training Clip...

"We broke up months ago, and you STILL haven't returned all of my things. I swear, you are absolutely worthless. And this house is a pigsty. So gross!"

You are so tired of hearing me bitch and complain that youve gone out and purchased yourself a very special remote control. You havnt been able to use it yet, but since Im coming over to pick up my things anyway...may as well test it out.

First, you point the remote at me and I am forced to walk over towards you. Pushing random buttons, you realize that you can make me dance for you, freeze in place, change into a maid outfit on command and so much more. All I can do is whine and moan about it. You really take advantage- groping my body, making me give you a lap dance, crawl on the floor. I am SO humiliated and pissed.

Thank goodness for part 2 of this clip where you discover the "Mindless Mode" button. Hopefully that finally shuts me up and you can get some peace and quite...and maybe some ass too ;)

The 720HD format of this video can be found in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting off the New Year Right!

Hey all! Happy New Year to everyone :)

Ive put my producers hat back on and have some exciting shoots lined up to start 2014

Friday the 10th, I have Danielle Trixie and Niki Lee Young on the calendar. The shoot for the two of them is full, but Danielle will be sticking around to do some mixed content with Lance. Solo clips also available.

Later during the weekend, I will also have Sumiko and Keri Spectrum available for Non-nude content.

Anyone interested in customs may contact me at or fill out the Custom Submission Form on my website: Cali's Customs

Here's to starting off the year with a big Fetish Bang!

Danielle Trixie: 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pissing Off the Dom gets you Shrunk and Crushed

Dominatrix Roxie Rae has been kind enough to give a group a tour of her dungeon. The only thing she asks is that no one takes pictures. Of course, someone had to ruin it for the rest of the group. She hears the snap of a flash and loses her patience immediately.

Everyone must now be punished! She shrinks them down and toys with them. Crushing some with her pantyhosed feet, sitting on some, even putting a couple in her boots to save later...if they make it through the day in there that is.

No one makes it out of this mess, but they only have themselves to blame. Had they only followed simple instructions.

This 10 minute clip includes shrunken men, giantess, crush, pantyhose and feet. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends.