Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shrinking my Loser Neighbor

As I lay peacefully taking a nap, you sneak into my house and sniff my feet. This wakes me up and I am pissed! I begin to taunt and belittle you. All you can do is stand there and stare at me with a guilty look on your face.

The more I make fun of you, the smaller you get. You shrink down to the size of a bug, which really amuses me. I decide that we should play a little game of hide and go seek. You have 10 seconds to hide and if I find you, well...youre in big trouble.

You take cover behind my sandal just in time for me to finish my count down. Of course, I find you though! Silly little thing, cant hide from me. The last thing you see is my massive foot coming down to crush your world. How do you like my feet now?

This 12 minute clip includes giantess, feet, shrinking, crush. The 720HD format video is available in my store Craving Cali

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