Saturday, November 2, 2013

Controlling Keri

Keri has been paired with me as her English tutor. Neither of us are thrilled with the idea since, quite frankly, I think she is a dumb blonde bimbo, and she just sees me as a giant nerd.

I decide to use my intelligence to have a little bit of fun with her though. Ive been taking some hypn0 classes and she seems like the perfect test subject.

She falls right for the "look at my pretty pink crystal" trick! Before I know it she is under and willing to accept my every suggestion. Im thrilled and take full advantage of the situation, leaving her a lesbian who cant take her hands (or lips) off of me. Every time Cali brings her to consciousness, Keri is more and more in love with Cali.

This 12 minute clip includes mind fuck, female training, magic control, g/g kissing, mesmerize, glasses, nerd girl fetish genres. The 720HD clip is available in my store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

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  1. Hi Cali, Im a fan of fetish videos, superheroines in peril, women spanked. Love your work :)
    I have a special attraction about scenes of spanking where a very old and frail woman spanks a much younger and beautiful girl or heroine, love the contrast between a much younger woman, strong, hot, and beautiful (like you haha) against an elderly and crusty old woman who discipline with a very sound spanking. I dont know, maybe sometime you could do a video about you or a superheroine spanked and disciplined by an old granny. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand my words, I just want to share my fantasies :)
    BTW, this story is an example what I like. Cheers from Argentina Cali! Oh, here is the story, hope you like it:
    This is my mail: