Thursday, October 3, 2013

Covalent A- Torn

Super Scientist, Ashley Graham is analyzing some samples she discovered earlier that week when she receives a phone call that another bomb threat has been called in near by.

She knows that something must be done about this madness and morphs into her Superheroine identity- Covalent A. With her belt loaded full of chemical weapons and antidotes, she heads out to put a stop to the threats terrorizing her city.

When she arrives to the scene, Covalent A finds a safe that looks very suspicious. Its the BOMB! As she carefully disable the bomb, a loud screeching sound overwhelms the room and she feels very strange. walks Mentallica.

Covalent A has no idea who this villain is, but soon finds out that she is very powerful. Mentallica has complete control over Covalent A's body. Though she is aware of her surroundings, Covalent A is somehow forced into ripping her uniform to shreds and strips herself completely naked.

Mentallica uses her hold over the heroine to obtain some very important information- the true identity of Covalent A's best friend, Batgirl. Embarrassed and helpless, Covalent A knows she has been defeated.

This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, mind control, forced stripping, costume destruction, peril. The 720HD format is available in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

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