Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Chastity Mantra Release

You have been under the control of the most powerful therapist in the world. You cant stand that her trance only allows you to release from chastity once a week.

Desperately trying to escape the hold she has over your manhood, you pay a visit to Dr. Roberts. Unfortunately, Cali knows what you are up to and surprises you with a special appearance.

Through this second session, she releases the chastity hold over you, but tightens her grasp over your mind and obedience. She uses her sexy shiny black leggings and boots to captivate your attention.You will believe now more than ever that women are superior to men and deserve to be worshiped like goddesses.

This 20 minute clip includes mind fuck, mind control, domination, goddess worship, begging, trance, relaxation. It is available in 720HD in the store Craving Cali. 

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