Friday, September 6, 2013

My Robot GF- Part 2: Ex-Girlfriend Problem

Andrew’s robot girlfriend has been working out wonderfully, after a few hiccups in the beginning.  Cali-bot is built to be the perfect domestic companion, taking care of all the household drudgery and looking sexy doing it.  She is recharging after finishing most of the chores for the day when the still of the house is interrupted by a ringing phone.  

Andrew’s spiteful ex-girlfriend, Sarah, has finally gotten around to sending her new boyfriend over to pick-up some of the junk she left at Andrew’s place.  Andrew want’s Cali-bot to meet him at the door and get a little revenge by seducing his ex’s new guy.  

Unfortunately for poor Cali-bot, Sarah shows up instead.  Sarah quickly figures out that Cali-bot is more than meets the eye and she decides to have a little revenge of her own with her former-boyfriend’s new robotic sex toy.

This 10:50 robot clip is available in 720HD in the store Cali's Femme Factory

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