Monday, September 30, 2013

Reject Revenge- Cali Dominates Lance

Former high school nerd, Cali Logan, seeks revenge on all who tortured her through adolescence.

She starts her mission with one of the most popular guys in school...Lance. She spends time introducing her fist to his stomach and foot to his face. After a grueling beat down of punches and kicks, Cali leaves Lance out cold on her garage floor.

Now, for the next victim...

This is a 10  minute mixed fighting clip. It is available in 720HD in my store Cali Logan and Friends


Monday, September 23, 2013

Niki's Wedgie Contest Audition Tape

Niki is dying to get into the wedgie contest and really thinks she has what it takes to win.

This is her audition tape, which demonstrates how hard she can give herself a wedgie. She never complains, even when she rips through her panties. The pain is kind of a turn on.

So what do you think? Will she be good enough for the contest?

This clip is 20 minutes long and can be found in 720HD format in the store Cali Logan and Friends 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cherie the Transformation Fetish Queen

You are on a date with the beautiful Cherie Deville. She has invited you back to her place, and though you're very shy, you accepted the invitation.

Once you arrive, she begins to seduce you! Your heart is racing, then suddenly something weird begins to happen....she has turned you...into a stuffed monkey. Then with a kiss...a WOMAN. You have breasts and long hair. You want to panic, but dont have time. She magically puts you into a party dress and youre beginning to feel a little more comfortable in your new body.

The two of you have some sexy fun. With the point of a finger, youre both nude and sensually rubbing balloons all over each other's sexy bodies.

Before the night is done, she has another twist. With a chant, she changes bodies with you. All of the transformations are happening so fast!

A final twist and the date is done. Cherie turns you into a balloon, to keep forever and add to her collection. This proves that she is truly the Transformation Fetish Queen.

This video runs 13 minutes and can be found in 720HD in Cali Logan's Femme Factory. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cali's First Pole Dance

Shy Cali decides to let loose and give pole dancing a try. As luck would have it, she is a natural and really enjoys doing the sexy strip tease. She shakes her ass to the music and spins around the pole like a pro. Feel free to leave tips!

This 8:41 minute clip includes strip tease, pole dancing, booty shaking and is available in 720HD in my store Craving Cali.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shes a Man Eater

Cali Logan has a very special Super Power. She can transform men into rodents! Sometimes she like to devour the prey herself, and sometimes she likes to put the prey into a maze trap for her pet snake.

Today, she has captured a group of men- She consumed two and is enjoying the feeling of their decomposition in her stomach. The rest she released into her little trap. As her meal digests, she watches her other victims frantically run about the maze through her web cam.

Finally, they get to the end and she witnesses one of her favorite sites. They are swallowed whole by beautiful pet snake. No one escapes their fate with this Man Eater! 

This clip is 10 minutes and includes vore, super powers, transformation, evil villain, pantyhose. The 720HD version is available in Cali Logan's Power and Peril. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sara and Cali's Tape Bondage Cam Show

Hey guys! Its Cali and I'm back with another awesome webcam guest: Sara Liz!

She is ready for the tape bondage challenge. The only thing is that I did not mention the gag to her. She gets a little bit upset, but its too late to protest since shes already taped up.

Sara struggles furiously for us,but she isnt able to free herself in time to win  the challenge. This makes her very upset and she turns the tables on me once I cut her free.

I end up completely helpless! Taped in a Hog Tie position with a Tape Gag that goes around my neck. I cant believe that she has taken over MY cam show like this. Ill get her back some day!

This 16 minute video includes tape bondage, challenges, struggling, hog tie and tape gags.

*Please note- This is a re-release from the old Cali’s Customs store. All bondage clips are being moved here*

Friday, September 13, 2013

Student Turned Statue

You have tricked Cali into thinking she is the model for a live drawing class. As she is waiting for class to start, she begins to ask questions. When does class start? Where are all of the art students?

You hand her a drawing that looks like Medusa. She is confused and begins to complain. Before she can leave her pedestal, she transforms into a statue. She is completely frozen, spinning helplessly on her little platform!

This is a 5 minute freeze video that includes nudity. The HD version of the clip is available in Cali Logan's Femme Factory. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pumping Pedals for You

I think Im starting to recognize a trend here, babe. Every time I run into car trouble, you just so happen to be available to come over and help me out. Its almost as if YOU were the one causing these issues.

Is it because you love watching me try to start the car? Or is it the sexy way that I bounce up and down while pumping the pedals? I know you think its hot!

How about I do a sexy little strip tease and show off my pedal pumping for you?

This 10 minute clip includes boob bouncing, pedal pumping, high heels. It is available in 720HD format in my store Craving Cali

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Superheroine Girlfriend

Hello Honey. I have a little surprise for you. What? You dont recognize me?

I guess I forgot to mention that Im a Superheroine. And with being a Superheroine comes Super Powers and Strength. You didnt think I would find out about the girl youre seeing on the side, but boy are you wrong.

And now, you must pay for the pain youve caused me. Once Im through showing off how strong I am, prepare for the beating of a life time.

This POV clip runs 9 minutes and is available in 720HD format in the store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cali vs Niki- Sexy Wrestling in Heels

Cali and Niki meet on the mats once again. This time, the girls are wrestling in sexy school girl outfits and heels.

They punish each other in body-bending holds such boston crabs and camel clutches. They go 3 rounds, leaving Cali the winner 2 falls to 1.

This 16 minute video includes female fighting, mat wrestling, pro holds, camel clutch, bear hug, boston crabs, cross body pins. The 720HD version is available in the store Cali Logan and Friends. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Robot GF- Part 2: Ex-Girlfriend Problem

Andrew’s robot girlfriend has been working out wonderfully, after a few hiccups in the beginning.  Cali-bot is built to be the perfect domestic companion, taking care of all the household drudgery and looking sexy doing it.  She is recharging after finishing most of the chores for the day when the still of the house is interrupted by a ringing phone.  

Andrew’s spiteful ex-girlfriend, Sarah, has finally gotten around to sending her new boyfriend over to pick-up some of the junk she left at Andrew’s place.  Andrew want’s Cali-bot to meet him at the door and get a little revenge by seducing his ex’s new guy.  

Unfortunately for poor Cali-bot, Sarah shows up instead.  Sarah quickly figures out that Cali-bot is more than meets the eye and she decides to have a little revenge of her own with her former-boyfriend’s new robotic sex toy.

This 10:50 robot clip is available in 720HD in the store Cali's Femme Factory

Visitors this Fall!

Im so lucky to be working with some of the best girls in the biz this fall! Check them out ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Chastity Mantra Release

You have been under the control of the most powerful therapist in the world. You cant stand that her trance only allows you to release from chastity once a week.

Desperately trying to escape the hold she has over your manhood, you pay a visit to Dr. Roberts. Unfortunately, Cali knows what you are up to and surprises you with a special appearance.

Through this second session, she releases the chastity hold over you, but tightens her grasp over your mind and obedience. She uses her sexy shiny black leggings and boots to captivate your attention.You will believe now more than ever that women are superior to men and deserve to be worshiped like goddesses.

This 20 minute clip includes mind fuck, mind control, domination, goddess worship, begging, trance, relaxation. It is available in 720HD in the store Craving Cali.