Friday, August 16, 2013

Reporter Striped to Nude on Live TV- Batgirl is to Blame!

Batgirl is being interviewed by one of the hottest reporters in town- Niki Lee Young. She is notorious for asking the deep questions and getting down to the dirt.

She opens the segment with a few questions that really get under Batgirl's Spandex! The Superheroine begins to feel embarrassed and attacked. She loses her temper and decides its time to teach Miss Young a lesson about prying too far.

Batgirl grabs a new Freeze Ray Gun that she has been experimenting with and "shows Niki how it works" by pointing it at her and pulling the trigger.

Niki is now completely stiff from the neck down. Batgirl can pose and move her anyway she likes. All Niki can do is watch in horror as she is stripped down with the cameras rolling.

Though this is not typical Superheroine behavior, Batgirl is satisfied with the fact that she has embarrassed this reporter into thinking about the way she handles her interviewees from now on.

This 10:23 minute clip includes Superheroines, Peril, Forced Stripping, Freeze, Humiliation, Public Nudity and Embarrassment. It is available in HD format in the store Power and Peril. 

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