Thursday, July 11, 2013

Star and Cali Show Off Their Sexy New Sneakers

Roomates Cali and Star have both had their eye on the same guy. They don't realize that he has been playing games with both of them though.

One day, a package arrives with a brand new pair of Adidas Sambas Sneakers inside for each of them. The girls are instructed to model them and decide who they look better on.

Cali goes first and ups the stakes by stripping down to her underware for the show. Both girls rub the rubber soles, play with the tongue and slip their feet in and out of the sneakers, in hopes of being the winner.

By the end of the competition, both girls are completely nude admiring their sexy shoes.

This video runs 16 minutes and is available in full format in the store Cali Logan and Friends.

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