Friday, July 5, 2013

My Girlfriend Robot- Special Delivery

After the most recent breakup with his girlfriend, Andrew has sworn off human girls.  He finally decided to fork over the dough for a robot girlfriend, but could only afford the most basic model and he had to buy a factory refurbished one at that. 

The delivery-girl is right on time though and is able to get Cali-bot unpacked and set up to charge before Andrew has to leave for work; unfortunately, Andrew didn’t have time to go through the in-home set-up and instructions, but what’s the worst that could happen. 

After he gets home, he finds Cali-bot fully charged and ready to fulfill his every desire; after he finishes configuring her systems of course.  Andrew decides that dinner would be a goof first task, but all he gets is trouble with the bumbling Cali-bot screwing up even the simplest of tasks…maybe he should have read the owner’s manual.

This Robot Clip runs 27 minutes long and is available in 720HD format in the store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

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