Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fight for the Prize: Hannah vs Cali- Part 1

The winner for Hooter's Hottest 2013 was announced as a tie and Cali simply cant stand the thought of sharing the cash prize with her rival Hannah Perez.

She calls the boss to find out if anything can be done and he decides that they will try to think of a tie breaker. The committee comes up with the idea of a catfight.

The rules are simple. The first girl to strip her opponent nude and slap her senseless will take home all of them money and title herself.

Cali thinks this is a great idea and as soon as Hannah arrives gets to work pulling her hair, slapping her in the face, mauling her tits and ripping at her clothes. Though Hannah is taken a bit off guard, it turns out that she has a few catfight tricks up her sleeves as well!

This 16 minute video includes catfighting, hair pulling, face slapping, breast mauling, nudity, belt spankings, humiliation. The 720HD version of the clip is available in Cali Logan and Friends.

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