Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wonder Woman SPANKED

In part 2 of this Superheroine Parody...

Wonder Woman is getting ready to leave the house, when out of nowhere appears her crazed fan Niki Lee Young. Apparently the brutal spanking she gave the blonde bimbo last week didn't do much good.

She begins to, once again, lecture the girl about wasting precious Superheroine time. Niki has a surprise for Wonder Woman though. She overpowers her idol and returns the spankings she endured the week before. Only Niki is more angry and the spankings are much more brutal.

She uses her bare hand to smack the heroines ass over and over until it is bright red. Her hand begins to hurt, but she will not stop until Wonder Woman submits to her. To further the humiliation, she claws and wedgies WW's wounded buns.

This 10 minute clip involves superheroine fetish, peril and girl/girl spanking. The HD version is available in the store Power and Peril.

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