Friday, June 7, 2013

Robot Reprogramming

Best friends Cali and Hannah had a great time shopping today. They decide that it would be really fun to have a girls night in. Cali heads off to cook dinner while Hannah tries to pick out a movie for them to watch. The only problem is that the remote wont work.

Hannah calls out to Cali about the broken remote, but Cali just stands there frozen in place. Hannah walks over to Cali and tries to snap her out of the trance, showing her that no matter what button she pushes on the remote, the TV wont turn on. Suddenly Cali blurts out, "What is your command?" and Hannah soon realizes that her best friend is a robot. She is curious and some what aroused by this new information and asks Cali to take her to the area where she is serviced.

When the girls reach the service area, Hannah starts to explore Cali's inner workings and asks if she is programmed for sex. Cali replies that she can only have sexual relations with males, so Hannah decides to reprogram her with lesbian tendencies.

During their hot and steamy make out session, Hannah jokingly asks Cali if she is a robot too. Cali identifies her friend as Unit 25! The two girls continue to make out until Hannah over heats her circuits. Cali has her lay down on the table and works on her to raise the sexual intensity threshold.

With both fembots properly programmed, the girls decide to have some more fun together.

This 20 minute video includes genres such as robots, fembots, girl girl kissing, nudity, freeze, magic. It is available in 720 HD in the store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

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