Thursday, June 13, 2013

Audition TAPE Hogtie

Cali and Kelly are sitting in the waiting area for their turn to audition for the newest hot commercial. Cali goes to these things all the time and she is super confident that she will get the part. Shy Kelly is not so confident and confides in her new friend. She compliments Cali's beautiful looks and designer dress, then offers to get water for the both of them. Cali is so thrilled that someone is being nice to her at an audition...its so atypical.

When Kelly returns with the water, Cali gratefully accepts and takes a big sip. Suddenly, she begins to feel very sleepy and cant keep her eyes open. Kelly's plan worked perfectly!

With Cali fast asleep, Kelly takes the opportunity to steal her dress and shoes...which just so happen to fit perfectly, what luck!

The only thing left to do is make sure that Cali cant go in for the audition. Some mouth packing and duct tape should take care of that! She quickly secures Cali into a duct tape hog tie just in time for her name to be called to the audition room.

After some time, Cali wakes up topless, taped and terrified. She struggles all around but cant loosen the tape at all. Finally, Kelly walks in and announces that she got the part, but leaves Cali there on the floor bound and helpless.

This 11:47 clip includes tape bondage, mouth stuffing, limp fetish, hogtie, struggling.

More photos are available in my blog Cali Logan Land!


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  1. Cali's bare legs look ravishing. Those panties show off a trim sexy ass.