Monday, May 6, 2013

The Ultimate Orgasm

Carissa Montgomery is our star employee, and I just know that she will do anything to help the company succeed. I ask her to allow me to take a video of her wearing a bikini because it is the last step in a really big project Ive been working on for future investments.

She shyly agrees to help me out and changes into her  bikini. Once I start rolling, I ask her to let me inject her with our Orgasm Serum. She is so embarrassed by the idea, and refuses at first, but I convince her that her actions will be greatly appreciated and the deal with definitely go through if she helps me out.

Again, she shyly accepts my offer, allowing me to inject a healthy dose of the Orgasm formula into her veins.

Carissa writhes around in ecstasy while I film. As she rolls around, I remove her bikini, leaving her completely nude. Finally she climaxes with an orgasm so powerful that it puts her right to sleep.

This video is  10 minutes long and available in HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.


  1. Can you send me preview of "Platinum kiss put the freeze on battle babe" and "Caught in black widows" ? i wanna buy these clips just wanna confirmation by seeing the preview

    1. You can "confirmation" by purchasing both