Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview Humiliation with Niki Lee Young

Today you are being interviewed by Niki Lee for a job as her personal assistant. Everyone in town knows that she treats all of her assistants like crap, but you need work so bad that youre willing to try anything.

Right off the bat, she starts calling you Brian, which isn't your name... but you don't dare correct her since she scares the hell out of you. She notices you starring at her sexy legs and feet instead of paying attention to her, which really pisses her off.

Bitchy Niki knows that you really need the job so she decides to see how desperate you are to fill the position. She makes you get down on all fours and lick her shoes, then sniff and worship her sweaty feet. You feel so humiliated, but a little bit turned on at the same time.

By the end of your interview, you have done the ultimate no-no and came on Niki Lee's floor. She is disgusted by you and makes you lick up your little love puddle.

This is a 10 minute video that includes POV foot worship, humiliation, cum eating, toe wiggling, soles, bare feet and is available in HD format in the store Cali Logan and Friends.

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