Friday, May 31, 2013

Wonder Wedgie

In this Superheroine Parody...

Wonder Woman is in search of the notorious Wedgie Queeen. As she searches the premises for the villain, she is taken by surprise with a hard wedgie from behind. Then, Wonder Woman turns around to receive a hard blow to the head, sending her lala land.

While she is out, the Wedgie Queen strips the superheroine of her belt and boots then works her magic. Wonder Woman will wake up and have no control over her hand. She gives herself several front, back  and double wedgies. She also uses her lasso, belt and even uniform to increase the severity of the wedgies.

Finally, the pain is so intense that Wonder Woman passes out. The Wedgie Queen leaves her with one more suggestion...when she awakes, WW will LOVE wedgies and rename herself Wonder Wedgie.

This 11 minute clip includes superheroines, costumes, de-booting, wedgies, magic control, female training and is available in 720 HD format in the store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.




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Sexy Time Surprise

You and Kym had a great date and now she is ready for the grand finale. She is standing in your living room completely naked, waiting for sexy time, but you insist that she checks out your painting of Medusa.

She humors you and looks at your silly paining, hoping that once she sees it you will finally have sex with her. Unfortunately for Kym, she starts to feel very stiff as though the painting turns her into a human statue! She ends up frozen solid, wearing nothing but a pair of high heels.

This 3 minute clip is available in 720 HD format in my brand new store Cali Logan's Femme Factory.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Favorite Trophy

Trophy hunters Cali Logan and Keri Spectum have managed to capture their most beautiful prize yet...Veve Lane. The girls enjoy worshiping her perfect muscles and preparing her for the display room.  All poor Veve can do is watch while her body is fondled.

During their admiration session, Keri and Cali get into an argument about whose gallery Veve will be displayed. Cali slaps Keri in the face and knocks her down long enough to immobilize her with zip ties. Now Keri must watch as Cali enjoys Veve's body all by herself.

This 14 minute video is available in my store Cali Logan and friends.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview Humiliation with Niki Lee Young

Today you are being interviewed by Niki Lee for a job as her personal assistant. Everyone in town knows that she treats all of her assistants like crap, but you need work so bad that youre willing to try anything.

Right off the bat, she starts calling you Brian, which isn't your name... but you don't dare correct her since she scares the hell out of you. She notices you starring at her sexy legs and feet instead of paying attention to her, which really pisses her off.

Bitchy Niki knows that you really need the job so she decides to see how desperate you are to fill the position. She makes you get down on all fours and lick her shoes, then sniff and worship her sweaty feet. You feel so humiliated, but a little bit turned on at the same time.

By the end of your interview, you have done the ultimate no-no and came on Niki Lee's floor. She is disgusted by you and makes you lick up your little love puddle.

This is a 10 minute video that includes POV foot worship, humiliation, cum eating, toe wiggling, soles, bare feet and is available in HD format in the store Cali Logan and Friends.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tushy Time

Cali and Kym are getting ready to go tan at the beach, but before they leave the house, have some fun admiring and rubbing oil on each others cute butts. They each end up with a super sexy shiny hiney!

This video is available in HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cali's Most Embarrassing Moment

Carissa has always confided in Cali, telling her secrets that no one else was ever meant to know. Recently, Carissa found out that Cali has been sharing all the details with their group of friends, and she is absolutely mortified about it.

To get back at Cali, sets up a camera and shreds her clothes right off of her body for all of their friends to see. Shy, conservative Cali protests and is utterly humiliated as Carissa destroys every ounce of clothing she is wearing, leaving her completely nude. She has never felt so embarrassed in her entire life!

This video runs 14 minutes long and is available in HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catwoman and her Kittens- Part 3

In the Final Installment of this 3-Part Superheroine Parody...

Batgirl has been captured and escaped from Catwoman's clutches twice already. This time, she doesn't get so lucky.

She confidently struts into the room where Catwoman and her Kitten's are waiting for her, initially giving them a run for their money. She knocks down both kittens with a double punch to their faces. Then, she works Catwoman over for a while.

Just as Batgirl thinks that Catwoman is ready to admit her wrongs and follow her in a life of honor, the kittens awake and attack the heroine from behind.

The story ends with Batgirl bound and struggling in a cloud of sleepy gas.

This 14 minute clip includes superheroines, bondage, female fighting, peril, struggling and is available in HD format in my store Cali Logan's Power and Peril.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jade's Hypnotic Jerk Off Instructions

Jade just knows that you cant resist a sexy girl in shiny hose and latex. She uses her shimmering legs to control your every movement.

First Jade has you unzip your pants and rub your bulge. Then she gives you step by step instructions on how she wants you to stroke your cock and play with your balls while she teases you with her body. Youre only allowed to cum when she says its time.

This 16 minute clip includes latex, pantyhose, magic control, jerk off/masturbation instruction and is available in 720 HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Destroying your Panty Stash

Keri and Cali have found your little stash of panties! You're so embarrassed and they know it. To make things worse, they completely shred your entire collection right in front of your eyes, while teasing you the whole time. That's what you get for being a little panty sniffing thief!

This video runs 12 minutes long and includes clothing destruction, humiliation, brat girls and is available in HD format in my store Cali Logan and Friends.

Catwoman and her Kittens- Part 2

In Part 2 of this 3-Part Superheroine Parody...

Now that Batgirl has escaped the clutches of Catwoman and saved the city from being blown to bits, she heads home to rummage through the evidence she collected. Batgirl changes into street clothes and re-assumes her day to day identity of Barbara Gordon and sets her uniform aside for laundering, there is a ring at the door. She places the evidence box in a safe place and goes to see who it is.

Upon opening the door, Batgirl sees 2 school girls who are doing a fundraiser. She invites the girls in assuming that they are looking for nothing more than a donation. As she walks away for her purse, she hears a familiar voice...CATWOMAN!

The two young girls are now told to restrain Barbara Gordon and lead her into the bedroom. As Barbara is tied up by the girls, Catwoman explains why she is  being kidnapped. The plan is to take photos of Barbara in peril, and send them to her father (the commissioner) who will in turn, call Batgirl to save the day. Once Batgirl arrives, Catwoman can get revenge on her for foiling her plan to blow up the city earlier that day.

Once Barbara is fully tied up, Catwoman and her kittens walk into the front room to wait for Batgirl's inevitable arrival. Barbara struggles and writhes around on the bed for a while, then remembers that she has scissors in her utility belt! She works her way over to the laundry basket, tips it over and frees herself. Now its time to teach these naughty kitties a lesson...

This 8 minute clip includes superheroines, bondage, cleave gags, on screen rigging, struggling and is available in HD format in my Cali Logan's Power and Peril store.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catwoman and Her Kittens

In Part 1 of this 3-Part Superheroine Parody....

Batgirl has been captured by Catwoman's Kittens, Aurora and Minx. They have brought her to a remote location where they restrain her and place a home made cellphone bomb into an evidence box. She screams and tries to warn the citizens of the coming explosion, but the kittens just laugh, first hand-gagging her, then stuffing her mouth with a rag to keep her quite.

Catwoman and the kitties saunter off. leaving Batgirl to struggle as the time bomb ticks down. Thinking quick, Batgirl reaches into her utility belt and finds her dissolving spray. The ropes loosen just in time to disarm the bomb with literally seconds to spare.

Now, Batgirl is on a mission to bring Catwoman and her kittens to justice! Stay tuned for part 2 and find out if she succeeds....

This 7 minute clip includes hand over mouth, bondage, superheroine, peril, struggling. It is available in HD format in my Power and Peril Store.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wet T Wrestling with Niki Lee Young

Cali and Niki decide to hit the mats once again for a sexy wrestling match. Cali is extremely upset that she lost to Niki in the last match and determined to take back her title of Queen of the League!

Both are very confident as they cool themselves off with spray bottles, soaking their white tank tops all the way through.

The girls agree to a best 2 out of 3 match, and go back and forth with several camel clutches, Boston Crab's, bear hugs and pins.

Its a tight match, but Cali comes out on top. Guess theyre going to need a tie breaker.

This is a 6 minute female fighting/wrestling clip that can be found in HD in my general fetish store Cali Logan and Friends.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Batgirl Pushed Too Far

In part 1 of this 2-part superheroine parody...

Batgirl is sick and tired of the way she is constantly treated poorly by her you (Batman) and decides to set you up for a little bit of role reversal. You have been sexually harassing her for far too long, and she has a plan to make certain that it ends today!

Around the room she has placed hidden cameras to catch you in the act. Once she has her evidence, she uses it to pressure you into "knowing what it feels like to be a woman."

She forces you to strip down and change into a bra, frilly panties, skirt, woman's blouse and high heels. As if the sheer humiliation isn't enough, she produces a camera and begins to take photos. This is enough evidence to ruin you forever and she knows it!

This 10 minute video includes humiliation, superheroines, batgirl, costumes, forced cross dressing, POV and the HD format is available in my store Power and Peril.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trophy Hunters

Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum are a team of trophy hunters that collect females with beautiful bodies for their galleries. They have had their eyes on Veve Lane for some time now, and have figured out how to sneak attack Veve in her own home.

They think its going to be simple to jump in and drag her away, but she puts up a serious fight. Banging the two girls up pretty badly. After much abuse, Cali finally reaches into her bag of tricks and finds something to put Veve out just long enough to carry her out of the room.

She is going to be one of their most prized trophies of all.

The HD format of this clip is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends.