Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Brake on the Highway

Cali's is SO excited for her interview today and she can't wait to get to work. She notices that her brakes feel a little bit funny, but doesn't really think anything of it at first.

As she approaches the highway, Cali notices that she has to push the brakes really hard to slow down. Eventually she cant stop at all! She has to run red lights, stop signs and swerve around traffic to avoid an accident. No matter how hard she pumps the pedal, the car continues to barrel forward.

Finally in a desperate attempt to stop the vehicle, she pulls the emergency brake, slamming to a halt. She just knows that her sleazy co-worker is behind this and angrily calls for a tow truck.

This 20 minute video is all brake failure and pedal pumping. Cali is wearing sexy white high heels, tan pantyhose and a secretary outfit complete with glasses. It is available in HD format in the Cali Logan and Friends clip store.

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