Monday, April 15, 2013

Master Plan

In this superheroine parody...
Bat Ashley and Super Cali have both been tipped off about a missing girl in a remote residential location. Bat Ashley is the first to arrive and doesn't see anyone on the premises in danger. Before she realizes that the distress call was merely a trap, she is seduced by an evil master who convinces her that she is mortal enemies with Super Cali.
By the time Super Cali arrives at the scene, Bat Ashley is under the master's control and ready to destroy Bat Cali. The superheroines fight, but Bat Cali is thrown off by the curious situation and becomes weakened by her foe. Finally, Bat Ashley hogties Bat Cali, leaving her helpless and ready to submit to the Master Plan.
This 9 minute clip includes superheroines, costumes, bondage, erotic magic, mind control and is available in large format in my Power and Peril Store. Advanced editing and special effects have been applied to enhance the peril and fight scenes :) Enjoy!


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